Monday, September 17, 2012

21 Ways to Connect With Your Kids

(We're gearing up for The PURSE-onality Challenge holiday edition"A Holiday-Ready Heart"–in October! Stay tuned for full details...Warm-Up Week starts September 24!)

September 5-23, I'll be blogging through Mary DeMuth's soon-to-be-released book Everything: What you Give and What you Gain to Become Like Jesus. Each week, I'll be giving way a copy of the book. You can enter the drawing via the Rafflecopter at the end of each Everything blog post!

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Today's blog post comes to you mostly in pictures. That's because on Friday, something I've been waiting for over seven months showed up in my mailbox!  Here it is...and while I love the cover, I am especially fond of the title page!  ;-)

It is an honor and a thrill to see my "PURSE-onality" contributions in print. I'm especially pleased with how the "test" turned out, as I am adamant that children not be labeled. My goal was to create scenarios that help parents to reflect about their children and get to know them better.

In addition to the "test," you'll find "PURSE-onality" application at the end of each of the 21 Ways to Connect With Your Kids. Here's a sample of the "PURSE-onalities" are applied at the end of the Family Fun Night chapter:

Here's a quick glance at part of the Table of Contents. I can't wait to sit down and read the whole thing, cover-to-cover!  (Yes, even though my "baby" is about to turn 20!)

21 Ways to Connect With Your Kids is available on and

Something else came last week that I'm excited about...the bracelets for A Holiday-Ready Heart! We'll be starting our Warm-Up Week next week! 

Your Turn:
  • What's your favorite way to connect with your kid(s)?
  • What PURSE-onalities are you and your children? How does that add excitement to your lives?  challenges?
  • Anything else on your heart!

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  1. I am looking forward to "A Holiday Ready Heart."