Welcome to The PURSE-onality Challenge!

Complaint-Free: Who Me?

When I walked into Barnes and Noble and started browsing through a copy of A Complaint-Free World five years agoI considered myself the most optimistic, positive, encouraging person I knew.
In fact, I joked to my husband that we needed to buy two (maybe three) dozen copies to give all the negative people in my life who drag me down with their never-ending complaints, criticism, and gossip.
Than I read a little farther. And the author had the nerve to suggest that of all the negative people in my life, I might be the worst of the worst! 

That. Made. Me. Mad. 
So I decided to take the Complaint-Free challenge: 21 days with no complaining. Just to prove how wrong this author was, I even ordered his silly little purple bracelet.
The instructions were simple:  I was to start each day with the bracelet on my left wrist. As soon as I caught myself complaining, criticizing, or gossiping, I was to move the bracelet to the other wrist. 
For accountability, I told my students what I was doing. 

Did they ever warm up to the “challenge” of letting me know when I complained. In the first class, my bracelet switched arms five times in just three minutes!

The shocker was that each time took me totally by surprise. I wasn’t even thinking critical thoughts, when suddenly, “Mrs. G? Is that complaining I hear?”
I soon discovered that my optimistic self-image resembled reality the way a chick flick resembles marriage: hardly at all.
Sound Familiar?
___ “My life would be much easier without the negative people who drag me down.
___ “I speak Sarcasm fluently.” 
___ “When I see a type-o on a sign, I have to point it out to someone.”
___ “I’m surrounded by difficult people at work and/or at home.”
___ “It’s not really gossip; everything we say about her is true.”
___ “There’s an impossible person in my life who will never change.”
___ “I struggle with anxiety, fear, and/or depression.”
___ “Negative things people have said keep popping back into my mind.”
If two or more sound familiar, you’re invited to take The PURSE-onality Challenge!
What is The PURSE-onality Challenge?
Quite literally, it’s 31 days of replacing “baditude” with God’s word and gratitude.
I’ve tried the Complaint-Free challenge many times in the last five years. But just trying to stop old bad habits was never enough; I needed to start new new ones to replace the old.
So for one month, we’ll be focusing on four positive habits: spotlighting Personality strengths, eliminating complaints, journaling gratitude, and memorizing scripture.
Take The PURSE-onality Challenge if…
...you feel convicted to change your thoughts and words.
...you’re at your wit’s end with a particular relationship.
...you desire more hope, joy, and peace in your life.

Check out our website and Facebook page for the nitty-gritty details!  

You’ll also find three free audio messages: 

Cheri Gregory has been married to her pastor/teacher/musician college sweetheart, Daniel, for 23 years. The Gregorys are enjoying their newly “empty nest,” now that Jonathon (19) has joined Annemarie (21) at college. Cheri is a high school English teacher and Christian speaker/author. Connect with her via Facebook, cheri@cherigregory.com, and www.CheriGregory.com.