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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TPC "lite": Living Buy the Book (Part 2)

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In a comment on June 18, Meghan Carver wrote, “I've been following your posts for a month or so and never commented, but this idea has been wiggling around in my mind for a while and you put words to it. 
Do I buy new (and unnecessary) clothes to make me feel better about myself? Do I buy unneeded knick-knacks and (let's be honest) clutter to make me feel better about my home? 
Sometimes the books I buy are truly helpful, but I can look back and see many times when I have bought books because I've been scared of making a decision or because I thought they might contain some magic to improve my life. 
Why is it so hard to find our worth in God?” 
Replacing Baditude
Waiting for a shelf of their own...
This is the bottom line issue for all of the "baditude" hiding behind my "stuff."  
My sense of worth.
Society relentlessly pounds women with messages about where to find worth. And holds up as role models those who accumulate the most and fanciest "stuff"!    
I remember walking into a popular store a few months before Christmas and recoiling at their huge banner proclaiming "The Power to GET!" above the credit card sign-up table. 
The message was crystal clear: What I have is not enough. Who I am is not enough. I need to GET. 
It doesn't matter to the store (or to my adversary!) WHAT I get. Just so long as I GET, GET, GET.
As if I can never get enough.
With God’s Word
On Day 16, I wrote about my urge to replace God by judging others and keeping score.
(Can't view image? Click here to read 1 Corinthians 13:5!)

Love doesn't record-keep!
On Day 17, I wrote about how the stories I tell myself determine my truth.
(Can't view image? Click here to read 1 Corinthians 13:6!)

Love rejoices with the truth.
I need to let go of all the useless emotional records I store with my books.
I need to Let God’s truth–that He wipes my records clean–truly sink in.
I need to let go of the old stories I tell myself as I remember when and why I bought each book.
I need to Let God author a new story; He is the ultimate authority on who I’m meant to be!
And Gratitude
from my journal:
Today I’m praying…
Lookin' spacious!

  • …for Your gentle power to simply let go of books that do not need to stay on my shelves.
  • …for the willingness to pause and rest as I de-clutter.

Today I’m watching for…
  • …other places I go to “find my worth” other than You.
  • …one small area in which I can bless my Melancholy husband with more order and less stuff.

Today I’m appreciating…
  • …the joy of releasing two big boxes of books!
  • …the open spaces on my bookshelves which mirror the opening places in my heart.

Your turn! 
  • What "baditude" has come from using your "power TO GET"? 
  • Behind what clutter do you store emotional records?  keep old stories? 
  • Other thoughts / reflections / insights on today's topic?
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Monday, June 18, 2012

TPC "lite": Living Buy the Book (Part 1)

Kathi says, “Our garage is the place where hopes and dreams go to die.” (The Get Yourself Organized Project, pg. 107)
I’ve not set foot in the garage since my initial disaster
But I can tell you that my bookshelves are where my hopes and dreams fight for life. 
Since (in true Sanguine form) I have so many different interests, I’m going nuts trying to figure out which are the “wheat” and which are the “tares” as I attempt to weed out half (okay, maybe a quarter?) of my books.
The dining area bookcases alone house entire shelves dedicated to:
  • mother-daughter relationships
  • success and motivation
  • Louisa May Alcott and Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • marriage
  • story-telling and memoir-writing
  • Christian living for women
  • personalities and temperament
  • parenting
  • Spiritual growth
  • eating disorders
  • C.S. Lewis and George MacDonald
  • speaking and presenting
Replacing Baditude
Before I share how the Holy Spirit is convicting me regarding my books, I want to be clear that I’m not simply using the pronoun “I” but really meaning “you.”
I have a book problem. You’ll understand why I’m so convicted about this in a moment.

But you may have just as many books–perhaps even more!–and not have a book problem. 
So to be really clear, here: although I’m talking about books, today, the real issue isn’t the books.
The real issue is my heart.
And my bookshelves are overflowing because of I’ve had a heart-full of fear. Far too many of these books were bought in reaction to insecurity
  • Thought:  “I’m a terrible mother!”  
  • Reaction:  3 parenting books on their way from
  • Thought:  “I don’t know how I’m going to stay in this marriage!”  
  • Reaction:  6 marriage books on their way from six sellers.
  • Thought:  “I feel like a spiritual fake when I’m around real Christian women.”  
  • Reaction:  20 inspirational books on their way from
90% of the books I’ve purchased while feeling scared and insecure have never been opened, let alone read. 
I didn’t buy them to learn, grow, or change. 
I bought them to make me feel better.
Addiction = a mood-altering relationship with a substance, experience, or individual that has life-damaging consequences
Hi. I’m Cheri...

With God’s Word
On Day 14, I wrote about how my beliefs about “the certain ways things should be done” get in the way of trusting God. 
(Can't see image? Click here to read Isaiah 26:3-4!)

Trust in the Lord forever. Not in Not in Not even in 
On Day 15, I wrote about the need to be still and slow down.

(Can't see image? Click here to read 1 Corinthians 13:4!)

Love is patient and kind. Love doesn’t envy, boast, or buy books by the dozen (especially not with overnight shipping to get them here faster!)
I need to let go of my fears and misplaced trust.
I need to Let God demonstrate His trustworthiness–yet again!–in my life. 
I need to let go of my insecurities and desire to fix them now.
I need to Let God–and God alone!–be my source of security.
And Gratitude
from my journal:
Today I’m praying…
  • ...for conviction to turn to prayer and my Bible long before and
  • ...for the faith to open up half my bookshelves.
  • ...for direction as I focus my interests where You are leading (which I do not believe is in all different directions at once!)
Today (as I’m sorting thru books!) I’m watching for…
  • ...evidences of Sanguine fun I need to add back into my life.
  • ...practical, detailed “how-to”s that will make my life more efficient.
  • ...lessons for Choleric leadership I can incorporate into my life. 
Today I’m appreciating…
  • ...the patience of my husband who has put up with all my stuff throughout his house without complaint for almost 25 years!
  • ...the opportunities to bless others with some wonderful books.
  • ...Your gentle, patient, loving kindness as I learn some long over-due lessons!

Your turn! 
  • Behind what clutter do you find fear and/or insecurity hiding? 
  • What do you accumulate in order to "feel better"? 
  • Other thoughts / reflections / insights on today's topic?

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