Sunday, September 2, 2012

What "Too Sensitive" Means to Me

Several weeks ago, Jen Sloniger invited She Speaks graduates to consider guest posting blog on the topic of learning to depend on Jesus in the midst of weakness. At first, I thought, "I have nothing to say on that topic." 

The more I prayed and pondered, the more convicted I became that perhaps I did.  Jen's podcast "Dirt Road Dependence" aired on Proverbs 31 Ministry's Encouragement Cafe on Friday, and I'm honored to be part of her guest blog post series this week. 

“You’re such a crybaby!”

“You take everything so personally!”

“You’re just too sensitive!”

All my life, I’ve been embarrassed of my tears. I’ve wondered what’s wrong with me that I am so easily hurt by a few careless words. I’ve considered myself defective because I feel everything so deeply.

And I've felt completely alone because nobody understood me.

“Too” Sensitive as a Child

My father recalls:  “As a young girl, in kindergarten and primary grades, you...

I hope you’ll head over to Jen’s blog for “the rest of the story”! 

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