Monday, September 3, 2012

How to Love the Hard to Love

Easy to Love

Meet Rafiki. 

Our family welcomed this little scrap of orange fluff over five years ago. He was the runt of two litters and had been rejected by both mothers. For several days, he had to be hand-fed as he hovered between life and death.

Too weak to mew, the only sound Rafiki made in his early weeks was a surprisingly strong purr. He frequently got stuck behind furniture, but we always found him by calling his name and listening for “that purr.”

Rafiki is, by far, the most “people cat” we’ve ever had. He is my husband’s little lamb, following Daniel everywhere he goes, purring up a storm the entire time. 

When I lie down with a book, he cuddles up on my chest and puts his around my neck in a fond embrace, purring 3.0+ on the Richter scale. 

He sleeps at the foot of our bed, and every time we stir, no matter how slightly, he begins to purr. He can be dead asleep on the couch, but if I simply walk into the room, I’ll hear “that purr” of welcome.

It’s so easy to love Rafiki. He started out helpless and cute, and he’s grown up to be loyal and regal. Best of all, he absolutely adores us. Which makes it so very easy to adore him back.

Hard to Love
In stark contrast is a kitten I met during a mercifully short trip to the vet not long ago.... 

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