Saturday, September 29, 2012

How It Works (via Bullet Points & Videos!)

This week's give-away is for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. (It's a Gregory Family tradition to have Daniel read this aloud to us every Christmas Eve...and for him to choke up at the end!)  3 names will be drawn -- enter via the Rafflecopter at the end of the blog post or click here to enter!

Each day in October, Untangling Christmas by Karen Ehman and LeAnn Rice, will be our give-away prize! 

“Why is it that the holidays string us out and knot us up?  This sparkling little book easily and happily untangles it all — so you can do what you really want with the holidays: Tie heart strings.”

Ann Voskamp – author of the New York Times Bestseller, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

“Reading Untangling Christmas is a better tonic for holiday stress than spiked eggnog! My racing mind took a yuletide break by the fire, my breath slowed down and inhaled the distinct aromas of the season, and my blood pressure thought I was lying on the beach in the middle of summer. If you’re looking for a fun-filled, guilt-free, memory-making, stress-less Christmas…Karen and LeAnn have written the book for you!”

Lisa Whelchel – author of Creative Correction and “The ADVENTure of Christmas”
* * * * * 

I sat down to record a short video to walk us through the steps of The PURSE-onality Challenge "A Holiday-Ready Heart".

Almost 20 minutes later I realized that I failed to make a "short" video!

So, I edited it down to 8 bite-sized segments. Here they are, along with the main points as bullets:

Part 1: Integrated vs. Complicated? + Blog Comments

  • I love pulling several concepts together and integrating them.
  • Others might find this too complicated; do what works for you!
  • I've scheduled time to respond to blog comments and e-mails (which I failed to do in May).

Part 2:  John 15:9-17 and "A Holiday-Ready Heart"

  • In order to be "A woman whose love protects" I must remain in Christ's love
  • Remaining in His love results in joy
  • "A Holiday-Ready Heart" is one that loves others

Part 3:  Using the Bracelet

  • Move the bracelet when ever my thinking needs to shift
  • Change wrists for: Complaining, Criticizing, Gossipping, and using Sarcasm...any "baditude" that keeps me from being "a woman whose love protects"
  • Switch from an "if it bleeds it leads" headline to a thanks-giving headline

Part 4:  Using the 31 Bible Verse Cards

  • Keep the verse of the day nearby -- ready when I need it!
  • Interrupt "baditude" with God's word.
  • Replace "baditude" with God's word.
  • Pausing to focus on God's word makes a huge difference!

Part 5:  "Let's Get PURSE-onal!"

  • This is my message on the four "PURSE-onality" types.
  • You'll understand your basic PURSE-onality needs and the needs of those you love and work with.
  • You'll understand how to better get your own needs met.
  • You'll understand how to adjust your expectations and approaches to others.
  • You'll learn to focus on others' strengths.

Part 6:  The Journal & "Gift Card"

  • Journal invites me to Pause, Pray, Perceive, and Praise
  • Journal reminds me to focus on the strengths of others when "baditude" tempts me to focus only on their weaknesses
  • Journal gives me a place to physically write my prayers, remind myself to seek strengths, and list gratitude
  • "Gift card" is a quick reminder of the strengths of each PURSE-onality

Part 7:  Walking Thru a Real-Life Example

  • Step 1: I become annoyed at Daniel. 
  • Step 2: I switch the bracelet.
  • Step 3: I interrupt my "baditude" with a Bible verse card and replace it with God's word.
  • Step 4: I redirect my thoughts toward appreciating Daniel's strengths via the "gift card."
  • Step 5: I reinforce my gratitude by writing in my journal--I pray for Daniel, I set myself up to seek his strengths, and I put my appreciation of him into words.
  • Changing my mind changes my feelings!

Part 8:  Deciding What Works for You

  • Does doing everything together sound wonderfully integrated?  Great!  Try it and enjoy it!
  • Does doing everything together sound overwhelming? Then only do what you feel led to do!
  • Maybe it's just wearing the bracelet to increase your awareness of "baditude"
  • Maybe it's making your own set of Bible verse cards to get God's word into your mind and heart.
  • Maybe it's listening to "Let's Get PURSE-onal!" and applying that information to your relationships.
  • Maybe it's writing in the journal to focus on Pausing, Praying, Perceiving, and Praising.
  • Maybe it's using the "gift card" and watching for the strengths of the people you interact with.
  • I can't control what will happen in November and December.
  • I can be intentional about pray-paring my heart now. 
  • I will  be a woman whose love protects when I am abiding in His love.
  • I will celebrate Jesus' birth with joy when I am abiding in His love!

Parts 1-8 All Together

Your Turn
  • Any questions?
  • Any suggestions?
  • Anything else on your heart!

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  1. I am SO excited for this challenge! I did part of the challenge in May, but I want a holiday ready heart and just a better attitude in general. Thank you, Cheri, for all your hard work!

  2. I'm excited to pray pare my heart for the holiday season. I look forward to joining you again. Thank you for doing this!

  3. I am very excited about this! I use to love the holidays and now I just like them. I really need to prepare my heart for the wonderful season of Christmas, so that I may love Christmas again! Thank you for doing this!

  4. thank you for the chance to win

  5. I am excited to begin but am unable to watch the videos :( Just wondering what I'm missing that isn't letting them work. Any ideas?

    1. Stacy --

      No clue! Here's a direct link to YouTube:

      If that doesn't work, let me know, and we'll try something else!

    2. Thank you so much for the direct link!